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Established in 2016 as a sister company of John’s Tractor Works, which was established in 1985, 4 Seasons AG & Lawn has grown from being a small, independent supplier to a major distributor of tractors, AG, and lawn equipment in the United States, with products shipped around the world. We are proud to offer a large selection of new and used tractors and equipment with all types of implements and attachments for your farming and ranch needs. 4 Seasons Ag & Lawn is located in Rogers County, Oklahoma, and we also serve the surrounding counties of Mayes, Craig, Nowata, Washington, Tulsa, and Wagoner.

Repair and Maintenance Services

At 4 Seasons AG & Lawn, we also service what we sell. We have an in-house team of certified mechanics who can repair all types of tractors, equipment, and utility vehicles. We also have a wide variety of parts for every type and brand of tractor. Call us or check the website for your parts needs. We will be glad to help you.

Outstanding Service, Guaranteed

4 Seasons AG & Lawn is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring our clients are satisfied with our work We want to provide the best service and help our customers with any farm and equipment needs they may have. Get in touch with our team for any inquiries or concerns.

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Tractors in Oologah

4 Seasons AG & Lawn is a dealer of new and used tractors in Oologah, OK. We carry a wide range of tractors from Kioti, McCormick, and other brands, ensuring that there’s always a tractor to suit your needs. Call our knowledgeable staff for more information.

Kioti Tractors in Oologah
Kioti tractors are fully featured, comfortable, and ready for any job that demands a durable tractor. With performance ranging from 25 HP to over 110 HP, a Kioti tractor packs impressive power and smooth handling into one dependable machine. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn to request a quote.

CS10 Series 22HP – 25HP

CK10 Series 25HP – 40HP

CK10SE Series 35HP – 40HP

DK10 Series 45HP – 55HP

DK10SE Series 40HP – 60HP

NX Series 45HP – 60HP

RX Series 66HP – 73HP

PX Series 93HP – 110HP

McCormick Tractors in Oologah
McCormick agricultural and specialty tractors range in performance from 24 to 310 horsepower. McCormick tractors are all about performance, technology, comfort, and capabilities that farmers have come to expect to from the McCormick brand. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn to request a quote.

X4 SERIES      64 – 88 HP

X5 SERIES      95 – 113 HP

X6 SERIES      110 – 126 HP

X6L SERIES      163 HP

X6 PREMIUM SERIES      121 – 133 HP

X7 SERIES      165 – 225 HP

X8 SERIES      264 – 310 HP

4 Seasons Ag & Lawn carries a wide variety of used tractors in brands such as John Deere, Kioti, Ford, and more. Contact us today to request a quote on used tractors in Oologah.


Zero-Turn Mowers in Oologah

4 Seasons AG & Lawn carries a wide range of zero-turn mowers to suit the needs of any farmer. Our lineup of zero-turn lawn mowers includes brands such as Bob-Cat, Walker, and more. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn’s knowledgeable staff for more information.

Bob-Cat Zero-Turn Mowers in Oologah
Bob-Cat zero-turn mowers are designed to deliver maximize productivity. Featuring a 42″ to 74″ mowing deck, Bob-Cat also offers a range of power options from Kawasaki® and 14-gallon fuel capacity. Maneuvering around landscape obstacles is even easier with the redesigned frame that provides better operator visibility. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn to request a quote.

Residential to Heavy Home Owner Mowers
CRZ: 42″ to 61″ Cut
XRZ: 48″ to 61″ Cut

Commercial Grade:
Commercial 21″ Walk-Behind: 21″ Cut
XRZ PRO: 48″ to 61″ Cut
XRZ PRO RS: 48″ to 61″ Cut
FastCat Pro SE: 36″ to 42″ Cut
Quick Cat 4000: 36″ to 61″ Cut
ProCat 5000: 48″ to 61″ Cut
ProCat 6000: 52″ to 61″ Cut
ProCat 6000MX: 61″ Cut
Predator Pro 7000: 61″ to 72″ Cut

Walker Zero-Turn Mowers in Oologah
Walker zero-turn mower are all above balanced performance and exceptional maneuverability on both hills and flat ground. Operator position, balanced weight distribution, and a low center of gravity set Walker machines apart from the competition. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn to request a quote on Walker zero-turn mowers in Oologah.

Walker Models:
Non-Bagging Models
Model B: 36″ to 74″ Cut
Model H: 52″ to 74″ Cut
Model R: 42″ to 48″ Cut


Bagging Models:
Model C: 36″ to 52″
Model D: 36″ to 52″
Model S: 36″ to 52″
Model T: 36″ to 52″

Used Zero-Turn Mowers in Oologah
4 Seasons AG & Lawn carries a wide selection of used zero-turn lawn mowers from brands including Bob-Cat, Walker, Kubota, Gravely, and more. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn to request a quote on our used zero-turn mowers in Oologah.

Hay Equipment in Oologah

4 Seasons AG & & Lawn’s range of hay equipment ranges from mowers and balers, to rakes, tedders, and forage blowers in different sizes, capacities, horsepower, and efficiency. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn to request a quote on our hay equipment in Oologah.


Disc Mower


Mower Conditioner

Rotary Cutters & Used Equipment in Oologah

4 Seasons AG & Lawn offers a wide range of new and used rotary cutters in Oologah. Our rotary cutters are the perfect solution for maintaining or clearing property by shredding crops, mowing paths, and grooming orchards. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn to request a quote on our rotary cutters in Oologah.

Single Spindle Series
Razor Back Series: 4′ Cutters to 6′ Cutters
BH20 Series: 5′ Cutters to 7′ Cutters
BH200 Series: 5′ Cutters to 7′ Cutters

Multi-Spindle Series
2010 Series: 9’9″ Cutters
2308 Series: 8’3″ Cutters
3510 Series: 10’6″ Cutters

Flex-Wing Series
1812 Series: 12′ Cutter
1815 Series: 15′ Cutter
2215 Series: 15′ Cutter
2810 Series: 10’6″ Cutter
2815 Series: 15′ Cutter
2820 Series: 20′ Cutter
3810 Series:10’6″ Cutter
3815 Series: 15′ Cutter
4815 Series: 15′ Cutter

Used Tractors

Used Zero-turn Mowers

Used Cutters

Used Mowers

Used Hay Equipment

Used Attachments


Oklahoma Location information:

4 Seasons Ag & Lawn

14150 US-169

Oologah, Oklahoma 74053


Business Description: 4 Seasons Ag & Lawn is a large supplier of tractors and equipment across the United States. We have a large selection of new and used tractors and equipment, as well as implements and attachments. We also have certified mechanics that service tractors, farm equipment, and utility vehicles.

Business Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:00-5:00 p.m

Saturday: 8:00-2:00 p.m

Year Established: 2016

Brands: Kioti, McCormick, BushHog, Vicon, Walker, AG Spray, Bell, Durabilt, Danuser, Shaver, Belltec, BobCat, Kuhn

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BOB-CAT® Mowers – Durability You Can Count On

BOB-CAT Predator-Pro 7000

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DK10 Series

The DK10 Series is fully featured, comfortable and ready for any job that demands a durable compact tractor. Ranging from 45 hp to 55 hp, this series of high-performance compact tractors pack impressive power and smooth handling into one dependable workhorse.

Bob-Cat Zero-Turn Mowers

Bob-Cat zero-turn mowers specialize in providing a quicker and cleaner cut, thanks to their 42” to 74” mowing deck and ground speeds of up to 20mph. Contact 4 Seasons AG & Lawn today to get the best deals on Bob-Cat zero-turn mowers in Oologah. Sale Price: $16,900!!!!!!


Extra Heavy Duty 3-Point frame with stump jumper design, powder coat painted, pre-punched fork lift compatible frame (lift from all sides)Category I, II narrow quick hitch compatible PTO Shaft 540 RPM-30 hp gasoline or 15 hp diesel engine minimum required 60 gallon poly tank (227 Liter) Belt Driven 6-roller cast pump (up to 22 GPM – 75 LPM) This workhorse pump easily transfers water and agricultural liquids. It is excellent for applying soluble powders, emulsions, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Verical throw 75-90 ft horizontal throw 80-140 ft. Electric liquid flow on/off solenoid valve, switch and wiring harness Side mounted Safety Control Center with pressure regulator & gauge, tank drain valve and garden house back flush system 2″ x 8″ hydraulic cylinder for 210 degree fan/volute rotation.

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